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Office of Curriculum and Instruction

Director of Curriculum and Instruction:
547-1412 Extension 1202

 Ms. Lisa Owen is the Director of Curriculum and Instruction for the Haddon Heights School District. 

Ms. Owen is also one of the Affirmative Action Officers in the district. She is also responsible for compliance with employment issues pertaining to the Americans with Disabilities Act and she serves as the Title IX Officer as well.

The Office of Curriculum and Instruction oversees the development of curriculum, courses, and professional development opportunities for the staff and students in the Haddon Heights Public Schools. The office is responsible for monitoring current curricular offerings, development of new courses at the high school, and instructional initiatives at all levels. The Office of Curriculum and Instruction also coordinates all state and local testing and is responsible for analysis of all testing data for each year, and over time. Moreover, the Office of Curriculum and Instruction oversees all district grant activities and requirements, including No Child Left Behind and adequate yearly progress. To encourage professional growth, numerous in-district and out-of-district opportunities are offered for our staff.

Copies of numerous plans completed under the supervision of the Director of Curriculum are available in the Curriculum Office for review. These include the district's Comprehensive Equity Plan, the Technology Plan, the Professional Development Plan, and our district's NCLB application.

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